Super Sherpa Jetting Tips

Feb. 2004

The sun came out for a few minutes today (Portland, Oregon) and inspired me
to pop in the new jets acquired from our very own DrJekle. I had uncovered
the hidden mixture screw and set it to 2 1/4 turns out last summer, with
good improvement, but hadn’t richened up the jetting beyond that.

Link to DrJekle Instructions to install richer main and pilot jets
(On the side, the best place to find information on the Sherpa is
on the yahoo 1999-2003_SUPERSHERPA group.)

It took me about 1 hour total, including cleanup, to do the job today. I
learned a couple tricks that help get the carby out to the left side, and
back in easier, without removing the airbox, nor cables. As any of who have
done this know – this carb can be a pain to get off. I’ll bet I could do
the whole thing again now in less than a half hour.

Tip #1: Remove Front Hose Clamp – The first tip is to totally remove the
front hose clamp from the intake manifold – you do not have to remove the
rubber intake manifold. Although I was tempted to remove it, that’s just
one more gasket/seal messed with that isn’t necessary. But, removing the
hose clamp makes it easier to bend the rubber intake manifold while
removing/replacing the carb.

Tip #2: Give it the Gas – Just like when you get in trouble while riding
in the dirt.. what do you do? Give it the gas! Same thing while removing
this carb.. turn the throttle on a good amount and it rotates the throttle
shaft enough that the attached hardware (where cables are attached) rotates
out of the way of the metal part of intake manifold. Be sure to remove the
back of the carb first and swing it to the *left* while keeping the gas on.
This buys some extra space, just enough to make it a LOT easier. Same thing
upon reassembly, put the front of the carb into the rubber intake first,
give it some gas and then rotate the back around and insert into the rear
rubber boot leading to the air box.

I popped in the new jets and set mixture screw to 2 3/4. For reference,
the Main jet went from 127.5 to 130 and the pilot went from 17.5 to 20.
The bike started right up and ran great. It was most noticeably improved off
the bottom. While the bike is still no wheelie king, it was a nice (and near free)
improvement. Thanks Doctor for sending me the jets!

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