Pinewood Derby

After a half dozen years with one boy or another in the Cub Scouts, we have collected quite a few pinewood derby cars.  To keep the Dads from putting too much effort into their kid’s cars, we would hold another event for the Dads.  For the Dad’s event, the only rule was to keep below 5 oz. and be gravity powered, about anything else you could do was legal.  We even had an unlimited weight class, the only rule being that the car had to be gravity powered, and it couldn’t hurt the track (or anyone) if it got out of control..  The Gravity Go went undefeated 4 years in a row.. it still has never been beat..

Most people hold their pinewood derby car secrets close, or even try to sell them.  I prefer to share freely any ideas I have and hope others will share their ideas with me.  Send them to [email protected]  It’s all in good fun.

Here are some of my kid’s cars. They build their own…

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