Morbic 11 Sail and Oar boat building project


Construction page with many more photos here

Building a wooden boat finally bubbled up on my “list”.    As my son Tyler commented, it is a perfect hobby for me combining 2 of my favorite interests:  sailing and woodworking.

I didn’t need to build very large boat to satisfy this dream.    At the time I started a build, we still had a Corsair F-27, a wonderful sailing machine.   We picked up a Beneteau First 35 along the way.  (Fortunately, my brother Jim has the Corsair – it is so fun and fast!).   But a sailing dinghy, capable of rowing, provides a very different sailing experience.   Plus, if light enough, we could potentially put it on top of our SUV and explore new water.


I decided on a cedar strip construction, but just could not find any plans that suited me.    Several emails to designers yielded less than satisfactory responses.   Finally, I found the website of renowned French naval architect Francois Vivier (    There’s a great article on him in Classic Boat Magazine.  His Morbic 12 caught my attention.   However, it is a clinker plank design, and a little heavy for car topping.    Corresponding with Francois, he proposed a slightly smaller version 11 ft. that he could modify for a strip plank construction.    Sold!   We worked together on some details for the general arrangement, sail plan, and decisions to use a dagger board and rotating rudder.

On 11/30/2016 I downloaded the very comprehensive plans and was quite pleased with the package – well done  Francois!

Finished building her on 3/30/2018.   I had a small handful of questions along way to Francois, which he answered promptly and clearly.    As a first time boat builder, with not much wood working experience since high school, I was able to figure things out and pull it off.

Link to a fairly detailed construction blog with she was built is HERE.
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First sail was on 5/3/2018 at Hagg Lake, Oregon.  Paul Pryor, great neighbor, helping with the launch.  Lorena was there to photo-document all the action!   Sailed nice – very happy!
Short video clip of the first sail.

Short video sailing upwind and downwind in pretty good wind

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