Safety First

Safety First!  While Water Rockets are a lot of fun they can be very dangerous, and potentially can cause serious personal injury and/or property damage.   Please read and understand these highly recommended suggestions on safety before engaging in this hobby at your own risk.   This list is not comprehensive.  Above all use good common sense.  I claim NO responsibility for accidents, injury or property damage that may occur as a result of participation in this hobby. 

  • Always use eye protection when working with  compressed gases

  • Build rockets out of lightweight plastics, never use metal or breakable materials such as glass

  • Never pressurize a rocket to a greater pressure than it has been tested (test with rocket completely full of water)

  • Never pressurize a damaged rocket, it may fail at a lower pressure than expected

  • Always pressurize a rocket from a safe distance

  • Keep people at least 50 feet away from a pressurized rocket

  • Never hold a pressurized rocket

  • Never aim a rocket toward anyone

  • Ensure that everyone around is alert and aware of the potential danger of a pressurized rocket

  • Ensure spectators are alert and aware of the dangers of a falling rocket (particularly in event of parachute/recovery system failure)

  • Never launch a rocket anywhere near buildings, cars or property that could be damaged

  • Always launch rockets straight up, never at an angle nor horizontally

  • Never put any human body parts above a pressurized rocket – a misfire at the wrong time can knock your block off.  A rocket hitting your face, or otherwise can cause serious injury including loss of eye-sight.

  • Never launch near power lines

  • Never retrieve a rocket stuck in power lines – notify power company in this case

  • Keep hands away from rocket nozzles during launch – never launch by hand.  The force of water coming out is powerful enough to break bones.

  • Use only compressed air and water.

  • During rocket construction, work with adhesives only in a well ventilated area.  Use of a respirator is recommended.

  • Make sure to follow all relevant local, state and federal regulations

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